Do not buy Timeless Secret through their infomercial because they will keep charging you after you have cancelled.

My credit card got renewed (new expiration date) and when they called to get the updated information I told them I wanted to cancel. I got a nasty late notice and called the number they provided. After waiting over 10 minutes on hold, I left a message. I never got a response. Eventually I just gave in and paid the $59 they said I owed (although I didn't get the last shipment). The next credit card bill I got showed an additional $29,95. They just keep charging me!

The cleanser was okay but the night cream smells disgusting. I couldn't even use it.

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Is, Sverdlovsk, Russian Federation #108284

Timeless Secret is not disclosing that they automatically enroll you in an automatic billing plan that is mentioned here by a company representative. This is a fraudulent practice and I would avoid any company such as this one that does this!! Beware consumers!


We sincerely apologize for any misunderstandings and inconvenience that you may have experienced with our offer.However, please keep in mind that once you order the skincare, you are automatically enrolled in the auto-ship program(as it so states in the infomercial,but you can cancel at any time to stop future shipments)and every package defaults to a 3-pay plan,unless you let the phone agent know that you would like to do a "one-pay" option.

With that said, canceling out of the auto-ship does not cancel out your last 2 payments, as those charges are still part of your package received. Of course we have no problem with returns,as we do stand 100% behind all of our products. We have a full 90 day money back guarantee,and with the customers being able to keep the two free bonuses that come with the first kit shipped. I am not sure where you tried calling us, as we are at #800-979-5091 M-F 6:00am-6:00pm PST since we do not have a messaging system set-up, however we love speaking to all of our customers with any issues or concerns, and are very good at explaining and resolving all issues relating to billing, the products, and their usage.

Please feel free to contact us at the customer service # above,if you need any further clarifications,as we work hard at resolving any unanswered questions,concerns,and misunderstandings.



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